My name is Silje Michaela Kvalheim. I am 32 years old, and I live in Sande, Norway. I am the mother of one sacred girl, named Indra Ottilie and soulmate and wife to Arnfinn Weum. My ancestors are from Sogn og Fjordane. I am a spirit dancer, and lover of yoga and nature. I walk dogs for a living, carrying my child on my back, and dance freely, express myself through whatever creative means available, when I can. I am a vegetarian for 8 years and am a strong believer in soul food as medicine and healer.

The birth of Indra changed my life. I had a birth where my instincts where robbed from me, and left me with a grieving soul. I had the opportunity to meet with the wise elder and Cherokee indian SisterMorningstar, a midwife and hermitress that carries her land, her traditions and her folk around the globe to inspire other women. There I found the tremendous healing in awakening my instinct, the awesome power in women communities, and the deep healing of connecting with nature through howling, wood fires and the sharing of experiences across ages, cultures and religions.

I am also excited to be starting as a doula, and working hard to learn more through courses and hands on birth experiences.

In 2018 I also got certified as a Forest Bathing Guide through the Association of Nature and Forest Therapy Guides and Programs in the US. I am also a Yoga teacher.

It is my deep wish to share this wisdom and connect with the strong women in Norway.

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